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The Greenwich Skating Club has a limited number of openings each year for new members.  Admission decisions are made at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and with the approval of the Board of Governors.  

To seek membership, a candidate must be proposed and sponsored by a Full Member.  Members may propose and sponsor up to two Candidates for membership at the same time.  A Member may not propose an additional Candidate until one or both of their initial Candidates have been admitted to the Club.  

The Sponsor is responsible for submitting a Letter of Proposal and the completed application form on behalf of the Candidate.  It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to arrange and coordinate any meetings of introduction necessary for membership on behalf of their candidate.  Candidates are required to be personally known by at least two members of the Admissions Committee and two members of the Board of Governors at the time their application is acted upon for a vote for approval of membership by the Board.

The Board strongly encourages members to propose candidates who will actively participate in the club’s figure skating and hockey programs, volunteer in the various club activities and follow the decorum of good standing members.

Candidates must have a residence in Greenwich or their children must attend school in Greenwich.  

Following is a description of the process for admission:

The Full Member proposing a Candidate should:

  1. Have the Candidate complete and sign the Application Form.
  2. Write a Letter of Proposal addressed to the Admissions Committee.  The Proposer should email the completed application package (completed application and proposal letter) to:

Sarah Orum - 

 Incomplete applications will be returned to the Proposers.

 3. Candidates will be placed on the admissions wait list based on the date the completed application and the proposing letter are received. Candidates are encouraged to meet two members of the Admissions Committee within 60 days of their application being received in order to remain on the Wait List. Upon receipt of the completed application package, and at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, the Candidate’s name and the name of their Sponsor may be made available to the General Membership for comment and review. 

4. The Sponsor will be notified by the Admissions Committee when an opening for membership has become available and their Candidate’s application is ready to be acted upon for final approval of the Board.  The Candidate may be asked to submit a follow-up questionnaire.  At this time the Sponsor will be responsible for coordinating any necessary meetings of introduction with at least two members of the Board of Governors.             


It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to ensure that at least two Admissions Committee members and two members of the Board of Governors personally know the candidate at the time his or her application is acted upon for final vote of approval by the Board.  In addition, Candidates are strongly encouraged to meet as many Board members as possible before the Board votes on their admission.  As outlined above, an application should be submitted even if the Candidate is not yet known by the requisite number of Board of Governors/Admissions Committee members.  

Please contact the Admissions Chairperson, Sarah Orum at if you have any questions.


Admissions Committee:


Chairperson, Sarah Orum

Melissa Denis, Jamie Denis

Emily Garrett, Greg Garrett

Erik Gutman, Becky Gutman

Nicole Kwasnieski, Stan Kwasniewski

Bill Orum

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