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Skaters and Coaches
  1. Face coverings are required at all times on GSC property for all coaches and skaters. Only players may remove face coverings when entering ice surface for practices and games.
  2. Social distancing required at all times on GSC property.
  3. All skaters will arrive fully dressed except for skates, helmets and gloves.  Younger players needing assistance tying skates should arrive fully dressed with skate guards on.
  4. Skaters and Coaches will enter downstairs at main entrance no earlier than 10 minutes before ice session starts.  Skaters and Coaches will check in and be directed to skate tying areas.
  5. At the start of ice session, skaters will exit skate tying areas with their equipment bags and place bags outside in bag drop area.
  6. When ice session is finished, skaters will exit ice and remove skates outside on steps and exit the rink area promptly. No congregating after ice sessions.
Parent Spectators
  1. One parent spectator allowed per player.
  2. Face coverings are required at all times on GSC property for all spectators, even outside.
  3. Social distancing required at all times on GSC property.
  4. Parent spectators should not enter the viewing areas until the ice session starts, allowing the previous session to leave without congestion.
  5. Parent spectators will be allowed to watch from first floor in front of GSC Clubhouse using social distancing markers.  Bathrooms will be available on first floor using main entrance.
  6. Spectators will not be allowed to watch from inside GSC on the first floor.
  7. Parent spectators with be allowed to watch from second floor balconies and glass viewing areas using social distancing markers.  Second floor viewing will be accessed by exterior staircase on far end of building by Zamboni entrance.  Bathrooms will be available on second floor using balcony entrance. 
  8. Parents should not block parking lot flow during drop off or pick up.
Club House Traffic Map
Please refer to the Club House Traffic maps below to see how traffic will flow entering and exiting the clubhouse and rink. You will notice GSC floor stickers inside and outside the clubhouse marking 6' spaced spots to stand and watch a game or on ice event.
Look for the "STAND HERE" & "SIT HERE" decals for players and spectators to stay socially distanced.