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There are special awards for Bantams and U14 Girls that are given out each year to a last-year player in that age group.  The awards are as follows:
F.W. McMillan II Award (BANTAMS) and Gerald E Jones/Resor Award (U14 Girls):
The elite award given to a last-year player for his/her role as a GSC player/team member.  Often described as the award for the best all-around player, it has also been awarded for the player with the most favorable impact on the team and/or the program on a skill and results basis.
Donald A Woodley Award (BANTAMS) and Bob Severud Award (U14 Girls):
Defined as an award for sportsmanship, this award focuses on attitude, effort and or leadership qualities.  This award is given to the last-year player who stands out for his/her focus and dedication to the Skating Club and to his/her team mates.  Winners of this award have been defined by their spirit, love of the sport and of the GSC and who best exemplify what the GSC stands for.