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The goal of the Cardinal Road Hockey League is to allow members of various skill to enjoy (competitive) hockey at the Greenwich Skating Club.


Numbers / interest will obviously dictate the size of the league, but teams of 20ish will be assembled through a warm up skate and draft process prior to the start of the season.  Players will be responsible for classifying themselves as A, B or C players prior to the draft. A players are defined as: played in college (or the pros), B players are defined as: played in high school and C players are defined as: hockey enthusiasts. 

We have anticipated that work, travel and family obligations will affect players' ability to consistently attend (hence the larger teams). Each team will have a captain that will be responsible for organizing teams weekly and ensuring that there are in fact A, B and C lines for the evening. Goalies and Refs have already been secured, but if you are a goalie please let us know and we will prioritize your time. Cold beverages will be made available for post game discussion and breaking down film.

Each team will be responsible for coming up with their own team name. The season will end in late February / early March with play-offs and a championship game.


All members and alumni are welcome. We ask that our alumni become vacation members for the season. Coaches are invited to play at no cost.

When / Where:

Games are typically played on Sunday evenings at GSC.