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Greenwich Skating Club

Officers and Committees 2018-2019

Jack Duffy, President
Jason Price, Vice President
Matt Arpano, Treasurer
Cliff Yonce, Secretary
Board of Governors 
Class of 2019
Mrs. Jenn Leary
Mr. Matthew Arpano
Mr. Jack Duffy
Mr. Jason Price
Mr. Cliff Yonce
Class of 2020
Mr. Mark Bryant
Mrs. Stacey Essaid
Mrs. Ingrid Hang
Mr. John Unger
Mrs. Neely Vanneck
Class of 2021
Mr. Dan Bellissimo
Mr. Jon Erensen
Mr. Richard Fulton
Mr. Jason Gilbride
Mr. Harry Schwefel
Committee Members

Hockey Committee 
Jason Price
Harry Schwefel 
Chris Rurak
Jason Gilbride 
Matt Arpano 
John Unger 
Dan Bellissimo 
James Mairs

Figure Skating Committee 
Ingrid Hang
Jenn Leary
Wendy Day
Melissa Boulan
Lisi Vincent

Admissions Committee 
Neely Vanneck

House Committee 
Richard Fulton 
Jon Erensen 
Stacy Essaid 
James Mairs
Lee Milazzo

Mark Bryant 
Bill Auerswald