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The Greenwich Skating Club is dedicated to providing a stimulating and rewarding athletic experience for our children. The Club believes that participation in team sports is an important ingredient in developing healthy, mature individuals. Our programs are designed to generate self-esteem and good sportsmanship through skills development in a positive social environment. Our primary goal is to develop character and self-esteem through the lessons of competitive sports, which include individual improvement, team dynamics, discipline, responsibility, respect and sportsmanship.  Fundamentally,


  • the club firmly strives to have the boys and girls develop a love for the game of hockey while also learning the value of sportsmanship and building character through athletic competition, and
  • the Club also believes that young athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of the adults who supervise their activities.



The hockey programs are designed to foster children's growth throughout successive playing levels from mites to bantams. Our program is designed to be instructional in nature and to encourage each child to develop his/her hockey skills to the best of his/her ability within the context of the competitive nature of either house league or travel hockey.


Our TRAVEL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE (TDL) is organized  as a low- stress, fun program with a strong focus on skills development including backward skating, stickhandling and passing.  TDL teams practice twice weekly with games agains other local teams on Sundays. Games are organized to achieve a learning and recreational atmosphere featuring equal ice time for all and a spirited intramural competition amongst players of similar abilities.


Our TRAVEL LEAGUE hockey program provides an environment in which players can learn and enjoy hockey while striving to compete at the highest level possible.  The mission of the travel program is to cultivate boys' and girls' interest in, and love for, the game of hockey in a structured and competitive environment.  The program includes teams from Mites to Bantams and we stress individual skill, team play, responsibility, sportsmanship, hard work and the joy of competition.  



The Greenwich Skating Club's overall mission is to develop fundamental skills and the love of hockey in a competitive environment.  We work hard to nurture our children's enjoyment of hockey and to develop their character and self-esteem.