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General Skating sessions are held daily throughout the GSC season.  



The observance of the Club's Rules is most important to assure the enjoyment and safety of all members.  On the ice, there are always skaters of varying ages and ability levels, and it is extremely dangerous to skate out of control at any time. 

Any member of the Board of Governors or authorized person (rink attendants) may temporarily suspend any person from the privileges of the Club for violating any of the Club rules.  In extreme cases, Club privileges may be suspended indefinitely.

The Board of Governors strongly urges every parent to share these rules with his or her entire family:

1.  On the Ice:  Fast skating, tag, sliding on the ice, sitting on the rails, etc. are not permitted at any time.  No hockey sticks are to be brought on the rink during general skating or figure skating sessions.

2.  Head Protection:  Children ages 10 and under are strongly encouraged to wear helmets during General Skating Sessions.  We strongly recommend some form of head protection for skaters of all ages to reduce the possibility of serious head injury.

3.  Club House:  Skates must be removed before going to the second floor.  Empty drink containers and papers must be deposited in trash receptacles.  No roughhousing, manhunt or tag is allowed in the clubhouse.

4.  Children:  Young children (generally under the age of 12) must be accompanied by an adult.   Children left unattended will be asked to contact their parents for pickup.  

5.  Figure Skating Professionals:  The Club has hired figure skating professional for the skating season.  Therefore, members may not bring any outside professionals to the Club.  Any exception must be approved by the Figure Skating Committee.


All guests must be signed in at the snack bar and registered before they begin skating.  Guests must be accompanied by members at all times.  A charge of $10 will be made for each guest per day.