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The following are suggestions for the competitive skater. They are meant as helpful guidelines.

  • Fill out the competition entry form and return promptly. Make sure you have included a Home              Club permission (not necessary for GSC interclub Competitions).
  • A few days before the competition the schedule of events will be posted. In some cases, a schedule will be sent directly to you. Plan to arrive one hour before your posted event time.
  • Check travel directions to the rink.
  • Have 2 CDs! Generally, one CD will be collected at registration; the second is kept rink side in case of a problem with the first.



  • Clean your skates. Take out the laces, clean the tongue. Replace the laces with new or cleaned laces. Note: Sunlight dishwasher detergent will clean laces well, but allow them to soak for a while.
  • Take either hard or soft guards - make sure they are well marked.
  • Take an extra pair of correct length laces.
  • Take a screwdriver for potential loose blades.  Include a box of wooden matches or an old leather belt to plug screw holes.
  • Take sanitary needs and aspirin, Tylenol or Advil.
  • Pack two dresses in case of an accident. Check any beading to be sure it is secure.
  • Pack two pairs of tights. If they are pantyhose, be sure they are sheer to the waist. Bring clear nail polish for runs.
  • Don′t wear underpants under your competition dress.
  • If the rink is cold, wear two pairs of tights (as long as your feet fit the boots comfortably). You may wear suntan color warm-up tights over your regular tights if it is cold.
  • Take a can of hair spray.
  • Take a hair dryer-to dry yourself off or warm-up cold boots.
  • Bring make-up. Keep it simple, but enough to provide color under rink lights.
  • Bring skate polish for quick touch-ups.
  • Take extra safety pins, needle and appropriate color thread.
  • Remember your camera!
  • If your hair is in a bun, use an invisible hair net.
  • Make sure your hair is neat and preferably off your face.
  • Make sure any hair ornament is well secured with criss-crossed bobby pins.
  • Warm-up sweaters should be short.  If it is cold, take a silk undershirt and cut-off the sleeves.  Warm-up pants and top will also do.
  • Take a long warm coat or blanket to keep your legs warm while waiting to skate.  Warm-up pants and top will also do.
  • Remember, looking neat, tidy and confident is a must for success.



  • Spend time alone-Visualize, think, and plan!
  • Eat well-NO JUNK FOOD: drink plenty of fluids - NO SODA.
  • Warm up gently and appropriately.
  • Keep moving off the ice. Jump rope, if possible.
  • Listen to music for relaxation.
  • Eyes up, head up, and smile! Be confident!
  • Support your Club members warmly.
  • Remember good sportsmanship at all times
  • Don′t leave your skates unattended in cars or locker rooms.