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2019/2020 Hockey Award Recipients
We are disappointed to have not had an in-person banquet this year. But in place of an in-person banquet, last year’s coaches will be setting up Zoom banquet awards for their respective teams this month. The Zoom event will give the Coaches and players a chance to see each other and experience a more intimate and impactful end-of-year discussion while also making fun of many of our players during this difficult time.
In addition to Zoom banquet awards, each year, special awards for Bantams and U14 girls are given out to last-year players for the best all-around player and sportsmanship award, respectively. This year, we are proud to announce the winners below.
F.W. McMillan II Award (Bantams) and Gerald E Jones/Resor Award (U14 Girls):
The elite award given to a last-year player for his or her role as a GSC player and team member. The award is for the best all-around player that makes the most favorable impact on the team through skill and results.
Bantam – Patrick Hentemann 
Coach’s Corner with George Genise: Patrick was not only the best hockey player on GSC but one of the best players at the CHC level. What separates Patrick is not only his exceptional hockey skills and hockey sense but his unselfishness on the ice. Patrick never failed to execute a setup pass to a teammate when it was the better of the shoot or pass options on any play. He could dominate games and force the opposing team to focus on him. Patrick would leverage this attention by making his linemates more productive, which made the team more successful. This is another example of his unselfish play and commitment to be a team player. He was far and away the top scorer, playmaker, and consummate teammate. 
U14 Girls – Cambell Hanson
Coach’s Corner with Brent Brower: Cambell played over 50% of every game for the U14A team this season, quarterbacking the power-play and killing every penalty. Overwhelmingly voted captain by her peers, she earned the respect of her teammates with her work ethic and presence. Defensively Cambell makes smart puck decisions, often reversing the flow of play on the breakout and finding the open player to advance the puck, correctly using the middle and cross-ice options. In front of her net, she physically dominated opponents, clearing the front for her keeper, and eliminating rebounds. Offensively Cambell could carry the puck the length of the ice and create scoring opportunities. She has a good, strong shot from the point and holds the blue line well. Cambell was what every U14A team needs from a 2nd-year player; committed, hardworking, tough to play against, skilled, and a strong influence in the locker room. She was the anchor for our team, and we were lucky to have her.
Donald A Woodley Award (Bantams) and Bob Severud Award (U14 Girls):
This award is for sportsmanship and focuses on attitude, effort, and leadership qualities. The award goes to last-year players' focus and dedication to the Skating Club and their teammates. Winners of this award have displayed spirit, love of hockey, and the player who best exemplifies what being a GSC Wing stands for. 
Bantam – Carter Lindardos
Coach’s Corner with George Genise: Carter is an individual who is the epitome of the success we want to see in our hockey players at GSC. Starting at the "B" level, he eventually rose to the "A" level and excelled in his on-ice performance, but in his off-ice decorum, locker room presence and vocal leadership. He was a unanimous choice by his teammates to be captain and accepted the responsibilities that come with that role. His commitment and dedication to his team was evident throughout the entire year.
U14 Girls – Kelsey and Sophie Roth
Kelsey Roth
Coach’s Corner with Brent Brower: Kelsey always rose to the occasion! She played every position for us (except goalie), eating up tough minutes, putting the team first, never complaining. One of our second-year leaders, Kelsey, played tough, sticking up for teammates in scrums, not taking penalties, never backing down, and scoring or setting up essential goals. We never hesitated to play Kelsey in crucial minutes in any position. Always comforting to see Kelsey, knowing she was ready to take on anything we asked. Kelsey's Highlight moment was shutting down MidFairfield’s 1st line center (after scoring 7/8 points against us the first time)
Sophie Roth
Coach’s Corner with Brent Brower: Sophie was our leader on the ice from day one, inspiring teammates with her tenacity and relentless effort. Sophie loves hockey, and her sincerity and happiness was infectious. She was hard on the puck, leading by example on the ice, playing first line minutes all season, she also played on our power play, down low, screening the goalie or winning puck battles. Sophie was excellent at using her body to shield the puck until freeing her hands to make a quick pass or quickly shooting high from in tight. Her positive comments to teammates during games fueled players to be better.
Congratulations to all the award recipients!