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GSC offers endless opportunities for members to enjoy family and friends, both new and old

GSC is a winter wonderland, but a secret to much of the town

  • Founded in 1954 and centrally located on Cardinal Road near Greenwich High School.
  • Membership of 250 families.
  • Private rink with recently renovated clubhouse, featuring a pro shop, fireplaces, coaching rooms, and a snack bar. 
  • Unprecedented access to ice time simply not available at other programs.

General Skate

  • General Skating sessions are held daily throughout the season.
  • The sessions provide a great opportunity to get outside and share time with friends and family either on the ice, fireside outside, or in the warmth of the clubhouse.

Parent-child hockey games

  • Holidays at GSC include parent child hockey games, organized by age group to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone.
  • These games are a great way for kids and parents to share their love of hockey, on the ice together.

Family parties and informal get-togethers

  • There are usually three scheduled club-wide family parties with general skate, food and drinks for everyone.
  • Informal and impromptu gatherings are a daily event, whether they center around a hockey game, hockey practice, general skate or any other reason to hang out with f riends on the ice or around the fire. 

Cardinal Road Hockey League (CRHL)-a fun but competitive adult house league 

  • Over 100 participants from all levels including “hockey enthusiasts”, played in high school, played in college and retired pros.
  • All 6 teams play games on Sunday evenings from November-March.

Curling-Relatively new to GSC, a fun and social experience

  • 6-8 curling nights per season.
  • Outside instruction is provided at select events but members with experience are always on had to help the beginners.​​