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GSC Impact Policy 2022-23

  Non-members, by invitation only, will be allowed to try out for our travel teams. Please note that resigned members do not qualify as potential impact players.

  Potential impact players must be introduced to the club through members, GSC Staff, and coaches, or committee members.  In all cases, the potential impact player must be approved by the Hockey Committee before officially being invited to try out. 

  Impact players who leave GSC are not permitted to tryout as an impact player in future years.

  Players from outside GSC who clearly demonstrate that they will rank amongst one of the top third of their respective birth years may be offered a position on a GSC travel team. 

  The Hockey Committee and Board reserve the right to not accept a non-member player. Impact player placement will be based on the recommendation of the Hockey Committee and ultimate approval will come from the Executive Committee of GSC.

  Impact players are not required to reside in Greenwich.

  Up to 3 impact players, not counting goalies, may be added to the following age groups: Bantam, PeeWee, Squirt, U14, U12, U10.



  Goalie impact players may be considered for all Travel Teams, Squirt-Bantam and U10-U14, on a need basis.


Impact Player Families at GSC

  Impact players will pay fees to play. The fees for 2022-23 will be $4500, (except for goalies who pay $500 for the season).  $3400 is due by credit card upon acceptance of your spot on the team.  $1100 will be billed at the start of the season.  There is a 10% excise tax added to these fees and all fees are non-refundable.  

  There will be specific requirements and opportunities for impact players and families to become full members if approved by the Board and the Membership Committee and as per the membership guidelines, residency requirements excluded.

  Being an impact player does not guarantee a spot on the team in the subsequent year


Member Implications

  Our expectation is that this will solidify the base, add to our ability to field teams, and support the membership desire to play on a team.

  We cannot guarantee that a player will play on a specific team but the Hockey Committee is working diligently to ensure that every player is competing at the appropriate level. 

  Sometimes people will be unhappy with the team they end up on. That said, the addition of impact players will make all teams stronger, deeper, and more sustainable.

  We believe impact players are good for our club and members in light of the developments in our community. We will continue to solicit feedback, monitor the effect and be open to changes going forward.


We appreciate everyone’s understanding of what we are looking to achieve and believe that we can successfully navigate the dual objectives of inclusiveness and competitiveness. We are committed to making GSC the very, very special place that so many other former and current members cherish as a part of their childhoods and of our community.

If you would like to fill out an impact player application, please click here.

Thanks and Go Wings!

GSC Board and Hockey Committee