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Greenwich Skating Club

P.O. Box 569

Greenwich, CT  06836-0569


Capital Campaign Update


We are a week away!  We are very excited that all members and friends will soon be able to enjoy the new Clubhouse!  Vision, planning, many volunteer hours and generous contributions have made this possible. 


So far, over 225 members, faculty, alumni and friends have contributed to the Capital Campaign and the Board is extremely grateful. 


To that end, we are keeping our fundraising effort open for a little while longer.  We are aiming to raise additional capital in order to reduce our debt burden and add additional “wish list” features to the new Clubhouse.


Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the broad-based support the Campaign has received to make this historic moment possible and have your family recognized for generations to come as part of the community that made the project a reality.


We will close out the campaign at the end of January and formally unveil the recognition plaque at the closing party at the end of this season. 


We will make an easel near the entrance available for interested members to leave their names for follow-up from members of the Capital Campaign Committee during the season.  As always, please visit the website for more updated project information and instructions for giving or reach out to Barbara Williams, bwilliams@gcds.net or members of the Board or Capital Campaign Committee for   further instructions.


Please note that the GSC is a 501(c)7 tax-exempt organization.  As a result, we do NOT believe that your gift would qualify for a tax deduction under income tax laws. Obviously, you should confirm this with your tax advisor.


If you should have any questions related to the capital campaign, the construction project or any other GSC matters, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the Board or the Capital Campaign Committee.