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2014-15 Figure Skating Registration is open!
Registration for the 2014-2015 Figure Skating Season is OPEN! ...
NE Festival
The New England District will be holding a combined, multi-state,...
Welcome to Greenwich Skating Club 2014-2015
Welcome to the 2014-15 season at the Greenwich Skating Club. We are...
Important Figure Skating dates!
All Figure Skating Families
GSC Schedulers
Bantam A;  Griffin, Stephen       ...
Coaching Clinics
Safe Sport
USA Hockey requires all coaches complete the SAFE SPORT Education...
GSC Logo Wear / Merchandise Program
We have worked with Rink and Racquet to come up with great items...
2014-15 Figure Skating Registration is open!
by posted 09/16/2014

Registration for the 2014-2015 Figure Skating Season is OPEN!  To register, please see the "Register Online" menu option on the left of the page.  Full course descriptions can be found under the Figure Skating tab at the top of the page.

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NE Festival
by posted 08/27/2014

The New England District will be holding a combined, multi-state, one day tryout for selection to the NE District Girls Festival (March 20-22, 2015) on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at Tri-Town Ice in Hooksett, NH. The following birth years will attend the November 2 tryout:

  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001

Tryout Registration Link

The tryout times are as follows:

Rink    Year    On Ice             Off Ice

1          2001    7:10 AM          8:25 AM
1          2001    8:35 AM          9:50 AM
1          1999    10:00 AM        11:15 AM
1          1999    11:25 AM        12:40 PM
1          2001    2:00 PM          3:00 PM
1          1999    3:10 PM          4:10 PM


2          2000    7:25 AM          8:40 AM
2          2000    8:50 AM          10:05 AM
2          1998    10:15 AM        11:30 AM
2          1998    11:40 AM        12:55 PM
2          2000    2:15 PM          3:15 PM
2          1998    3:25 PM          4:25 PM

Girls who are selected for the NE District Festival after the first morning tryout (note there are 2 tryout times for each group - morning & afternoon) will be notified at the rink shortly after the tryout is complete. Girls who who do not make the first round will be required to attend a second tryout (Afternoon) later in the day. Once registration closes we will assign each player a tryout time and notify you via the email you provide on the registration form.

Each age group will have a specific on ice evaluation by a group of independent hockey evaluators. The cutoff for online registration ($60) will be October 20, 2014. The walk-in registration fee is $125.

The 2002/2003 birth years will remain an in state tryout for the 14/15 season. Information about these tryouts will be distributed by each respective state.

For more information please contact

Bill Leidt​
New England District - USA Hockey
Girls/Women Section
20​ Rebecca Ln
Killingworth, CT 06419


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Welcome to Greenwich Skating Club 2014-2015
by posted 08/25/2014

Welcome to the 2014-15 season at the Greenwich Skating Club. We are excited to begin a new season.  

The season kicks off on August 30th with our annual Mite Tune-up sessions in advance of Mite Tryouts on September 2nd and 3rd.  The majority of teams will start practices starting the week of September 1st so please check the website for practice and game times.

As always, our aim is to improve upon past seasons. In talking to many members about what they want and expect from the club, a number of themes consistently emerge. First, members want a club where everyone is included, can participate and be a part of a great environment. Second, we hear a strong desire for a hockey program that is competitive and develops strong hockey players who have the potential to continue to play at higher levels after the skating club.

These two themes of Inclusiveness and Competition are the cornerstones of the club and where we will continue to focus going forward - providing a wide-range of program options for all level of players from beginners to recreational players, extending to the top levels of travel hockey - and doing so without having to compromise one goal in order to achieve the other.  


  • Are we providing a family the opportunity for everyone in the family to participate if they are interested in figure skating, general skating, house league, travel hockey, and skill development? Are we creating an environment where everyone is comfortable being involved, can find a way to have fun, to reinforce the sense of community, and create shared memories?  


  • Are we growing as a program? Are we in a position to compete at a high level in an environment which is becoming more intense? Are our objectives and decision making process transparent? Are we developing all our hockey players (and figure skaters) to reach their full potential? What can we do to ensure that we are in a position to be competitive over the long term?

This year we will look to continue to build off of all the enormous work that has been done over many years to build the club and programs into such a wonderful institution. This year will include a combination of some new programs, expanded programs, and other re-worked ones. There will be more on our plans over the coming weeks and months, but let me highlight a few of them.

We are welcoming a new full time General Manager, Dave Lopresti, and I look forward to all of you getting to know him. Also, we have created a number of committees and want to involve as many members as possible in these committees. Please let me know if you want to be involved in any of the committees - all are welcome.

Inclusiveness of Our Club

House League- “Outdoor Hockey League”

  • House League will be re-launched with a new name- The Outdoor Hockey League. This is much more than just new uniforms, and new teams, but will feature an expanded format.
  • It will include a combination of practices, skills sessions, games, 3-on-3 tournaments, and perhaps even some inter-club play against programs such as Darien and New Canaan.
  • We will expand the program and open up registration to ages 6-14. We will divide the groups into junior and senior divisions, and players into skill levels, so that all players will be involved with players at their level in fun, challenging, and competitive game situations. The junior house league will include a combined program with the Boys & Girls Club.
  • Also, the Outdoor Hockey League will form an integral part of the travel program. For our Pee Wee B, Squirt B, U12B, U10 and Mite B players this will be a required part of the travel team experience. The travel schedules for these teams have been structured and planned such that these teams can play a full travel schedule while also being available to play in house league games on Sunday afternoons. These opportunities to participate in games, lead teams, and play both in house and travel situations will help players maximize touches, ice time, instruction and development.
  • The house league committee will be led by Peter Donovan and will include Jay Gibbons, Rich Fulton, Brian O’Neill, Dave Lopresti, and myself. Please let Peter, Dave Lopresti or me know if you would like to be a part of this committee or if you are interested in coaching in the house league. Peter and his committee will be sending out details soon.

Men’s House League – “Cardinal Road Hockey League”

  • In addition to the traditional coach’s skate, we are creating a newly formed adult house league for members. We will play once or twice a week at GSC. Depending upon interest levels, we will determine the ultimate format. The likely format will include the selection of teams at the beginning of the year through a draft, where we mix players of different skill levels, with the idea being that lines would be matched against similar caliber players during a game. This will provide all members an opportunity to come out and play as an alternative or in addition to playing in other men’s leagues that so many members already play in.
  • And most importantly, this is for ALL members – we truly do invite all that want to come out and play to come out and play. We will have a formal registration at the beginning year so that the teams are established in the beginning of the year.
  • The committee will be chaired by Jim Knight and will include Doyle Queally, Kevin Martin, Dan Goggin, Brian Olson, Brendan Connerty, James Mairs, Dave Lopresti and myself and others.  

Inaugural “Under the Sky and Stars” GSC Girls Hockey Jamboree

  • This year during the Lake Placid boys hockey tournament, we will host at the club, during the weekend of November 21-23, the inaugural GSC Girls Hockey Jamboree. This year will include at both the U12A and U14 ages, teams from Hanover, Casco Bay, Darien and ourselves as well as teams to be determined at the U12B and U10 ages. The teams will play games at our rink and in Darien, culminating with a Saturday night BBQ, exciting hockey games, and party. A big thanks goes to Dave Frechette, our new Head of Girls Hockey, and to Mike Freedman for organizing this exciting new event for our club. More details to follow. In addition to Dave Frechette, the girl’s hockey committee will include Don Raftery, Griff Harris, Matt Arpano, James Mairs, and Dave Lopresti and myself.

Figure Skating

  • Lisi Vincent sent out a separate email to outline the coming season, but Figure Skating is an absolutely integral part of the club. We are excited for everyone to come out and participate in learn to skate sessions and I know that the Figure Skating team is hard at work planning for ways to increase participation and fun. The committee will be headed by Lisi Vincent, with Jeb Buck, Robin Carey, Chris Drury, Dave Lopresti, and myself. Please contact any of us if you would like to participate on this committee.

Social Programs & Merchandising

  • Last year was a terrific year for social events. We will look to build upon these in the coming year. The very successful Friday Night Lights will be back. Free skating between some games on Friday and Saturday nights will be back. House league games will be mixed with social events, competitions, and other events.
  • In addition, we are working hard at broadening our merchandising program. We are planning to build out a pro-shop as we plan for our new building. This committee is led by Lee Milazzo and Rich Fulton, Dave Lopresti, and myself.  Both the social and merchandising programs would be very happy to welcome more committee members who want to help out in any way.

Competitiveness of Our Travel Hockey Program

Travel Hockey

  • The travel hockey program will see significant investment both in our current teams and in our program over the long term. This year will feature a second Bantam Team and an expanded schedule for many of our teams. Three of our teams (up from one team last year) will play in both the CHC and Tri-State Metro Leagues. And all four of our Girls teams will play in either the CHC and/or the CGHL (Connecticut Girls Hockey League), with the U10 team entering the CGHL for the first time, and with the U14 team playing in both CHC and CGHL leagues.  
  • All the teams have completed scheduling for this season and many if not all will play more games than they have all ever played before.  
  • We have reserved a significant amount of ice away from GSC, both before we have our ice down as well as elsewhere, for game and practice times. And as a result of this investment all our teams can expect to be on the ice more than 80 times this coming season between practices, skills sessions, games, and tournaments. The complete practice and games schedules are being finalized and will be posted on the website by the end of the week.


  • Once again we are extremely fortunate to have an incredibly talented and committed roster of coaches. Our coaches include former NHLers, Collegiate hockey players, All Americans, and highly experienced coaches. This year is no different as we add 6 new coaches to our ranks including Prep-school champion coaches, Division 1 college hockey players, former prep-school players and very experienced coaches. We will be sending out a more detailed description of our coaches in the coming weeks.

Skills Development

  • Chris Drury will head our skills and player development program. The skills program will be led by Jeff Hamilton but in an entirely reformatted and highly structured program.
  • Skills sessions will focus on the fundamentals – power skating, shooting, and stick handling. These sessions will be centered on developing each player to their full potential. Jeff Hamilton, Dave Lopresti and all the coaches will lead the on-ice sessions working a structured plan.  
  • The skills sessions will be separate from team practices. For travel players, every second week at CPCT, every team will participate in skills. The sessions will alternate between a session entirely focused on power skating and the second split between shooting and stick handling. Through this format, players will cycle monthly through power skating, shooting, and stick handling.
  • In addition, Dave Lopresti will bring the skills lessons from the Wednesdays to Saturday house league practices and a number of early morning sessions.

Long Term Competitiveness

  • In addition, we are establishing an advisory group who have been asked to develop three year plan for our hockey program. The advisory group will be chaired by Chris Drury and will include, Jack Duffy, and Harry Geary (former coach of the championship girls’ team at the Gunnery and this years’ our U14 coach).
  • The mission of this group is to recommend actions or investments that we need to make in order to be a leading Tier 2 travel program, while also ensuring that we are protecting the ability for all members to be involved at all levels. We are delighted that this group will take on this important strategic initiative.

Program Features for the Upcoming Year


  • Before being allowed to play in any practices, all players need to be registered with USA Hockey for insurance purposes. Register using the left tab on the websites home page. Also please complete the:
    • USA  Registration (on the left tab of the website)
    • USA Hockey Consent to Treat
    • USA Hockey Code of Conduct

Jerseys and Uniforms

  • This year we will be introducing new uniforms for some of the teams (with the new logo at top of this letter), being phased in over a two year period. These jerseys with embroidered logos and numbers should be a source of pride for our players. These jerseys should be well maintained - the care of these jerseys will be the responsibility of the player during the year. There will be a small charge for rental for the year and your account will be charged with a deposit for these jerseys, refunded once they are returned at the end of the season. And if you do still have your jersey from last year, please return them to your team manager so that they can be given to the appropriate team/ person.


  • The goal is for each team to play in two tournaments. For many teams this will include Lake Placid and CHC or CGHL State tournaments. This year, the Lake Placid will be later than the past couple of years, on the weekend of November 20th-23rd. Some teams may also look to schedule tournaments on other weekends including during Martin Luther King weekend or President’s Day. More information to come on these from your team managers.

Rules of the Road

  • Tryouts
    • Tryouts are a difficult time for everyone. The hockey committee works hard to make tryouts fair from the perspective of each player, the team, and the coach. The committee does its best to ensure that every player is treated with respect and is placed fairly on an appropriate team.
    • The hockey committee will continue to do its best in its selection process. We will use a structured, numerical system which includes input from multiple hockey committee members watching tryouts from the stands, from former coaches, and from the collective input from the hockey committee to arrive its decisions.
  • Parents
    • Please continue to support our program by reinforcing all that we are together trying to instill to our kids. Our coaches and volunteers are all working hard to create a terrific experience for all our players and families.
    • Please remember the “24 hour rule” - wait 24 hours before contacting the coach if you have an issue with something that happens at a practice or at a game. Coaches, Dave and I will be having parents meeting during the first couple of the weeks of the season.
  • Players
    • Please remember what is important. You have a remarkably unique opportunity to carry on the GSC tradition. We expect our players to work hard, to try their best, to be supportive of their teammates, to show respect to other teams, to referees, and to their coaches. This is an important tradition that all of you will carry forward. It should something you look back on proudly.

Finally, from everyone on the Board, from everyone who works at GSC, from the hockey committee and the numerous committees which go into supporting the activities of the club, we wish everyone a terrific season. We are all fortunate to have this terrific outdoor club and the fun it enables.  This is everyone’s club so let’s enjoy it and continue to build it.

Go Wings!

Dan Friedberg

for the Hockey Committee

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Important Figure Skating dates!
by posted 08/17/2014




FIRST DAY OF CLASSES: (Dependent upon rink conditions)                              
Wednesday, October 30th 


 Skating “Tune-Up”- a chance to skate with our pros  
 Saturday, November



Saturday, November 9th


 At NCWC, Saturday February 1st

​ Rain date: Sunday, February 2nd





 Saturday, March 1st






 Early April: TBA


There will be NO classes on the following dates:


Thursday, November 21

Saturday, November 23

Saturday, December 21 thru Thursday, January 2

Saturday, February 1st due to competition

Saturday, February 15

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All Figure Skating Families
by posted 08/14/2014



 The Figure Skating Program at the Greenwich Skating Club offers a variety of programs for beginners to more advanced skaters of all ages.  The Greenwich Skating Club is a member of the United States Figure Skating (USFS) and utilizes the BASIC SKILLS PROGRAM as its primary teaching format.


Enrollment in a group class is a commitment, and attendance is taken at each class.  At the end of the season, badges will be awarded on the basis of skill testing.  Participants are deemed ready to test for badges based on the assessment of the professional instructor.  Tests are judged by either Club Professionals or accredited USFSA judges.


In addition to group classes, the Figure Skating program offers Freestyle practice sessions.  Private lessons may be booked by the individual skater during scheduled Pre-Paid Freestyle or General Skating sessions.  Only Club authorized professionals may teach private lessons.


Registration in classes is ongoing for the first two weeks of the season.  Classes will begin the first Saturday after the Club opens.  Cancelations of classes will be accepted during the first three weeks of class and your bill will be prorated.  After this, no refunds for canceled classes will be granted.  In addition to class fees, each program participant must be a member of the USFS.  All classes and other fees, including competition entries, will be charged through member accounts at GSC.

The following is a summary of all the skating classes offered for the 2014-2015 season at GSC.  They are broken down by ability level.  The schedule is subject to enrollment, and some classes may be limited in size.  All registrations will be confirmed before the start of classes.  Where a * is indicated, several classes will be scheduled within the time block.







MONDAY 12:30 - 1:30 P.M.*

SATURDAY 8:30 - 8:50 A.M.

Monday class times are split into 3 twenty minute classes. 

Designed for the younger skater (Pre-school and Kindergarten), the Learn to Skate program stresses preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on skates.  The Monday time slots have traditionally been a time for the younger skater to practice with his/her peer group and develop confidence on the ice.  This class will include fun and games to encourage enjoyment of skating.





SATURDAY 9:00 - 10:30 A.M.*

The fundamental skills of skating will be taught in these half-hour classes.  Basic skills --including forward skating, backward skating, stopping, crossovers and turns -- will be stressed.  The curriculum for this program is based upon the United States Figure Skating’s SKATE WITH US program, which utilizes a merit system of badge levels.  Upon completion of the Basic 1 - 8 levels, skaters will have mastered the elements of skating which will enable them to advance to the more specialized areas of the sport, including hockey, freestyle and Moves in the Field.  


Monday 5:10-5:50pm

Basic skills level 4-Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

This class will include instruction covering basic skating skills, edges and beginning Jump and Spins. This class will prepare skaters for Maneuver Team and individual competition.



 Monday 5:10-5:30pm

 Advanced Jump and Spin  

 (Open to Freestyle 2 and up)

The Advanced Jump & Spin program teaches various jumps and spins, along with some footwork and power skating sequences. This class is will also prepare skaters for competition in Maneuver Team and individual competition.


Tuesday 5:10-5:30pm

Advanced Moves in the Field

(Open to Preliminary Moves in the Field and above)








MONDAY   11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

This class is for the beginner, intermediate adult skater. Basic skating skills, edges  will be emphasized. 





Pre-Paid Freestyle Ice is open to all skaters who are enrolled in private instruction or working on freestyle figure skating.  Signing up for pre-paid ice entitles the skater to attend any freestyle session.  These times are reserved for serious skaters.  In order to use the freestyle ice, skaters must sign up for the freestyle ice.  Only those registered for freestyle ice time will be allowed on the ice during these sessions.  Absolutely no recreational skating or hockey is permitted.  In addition, guests will not be permitted.

Below are the Pre-Paid Freestyle ice times available:


Tuesday:  5:30 – 6:30 P.M.
Thursday:  5:10 - 6:10 P.M.

Friday:    2:00 - 3:50 P.M.

Saturday:  8:00-9:00 A.M.

Sunday:    12:30 - 2:15 P.M. 

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GSC Schedulers
by posted 08/03/2014

Bantam A;  Griffin, Stephen       

Bantam B;  Connerty, Brendan  

Girls U-10;  Arpano, Matthew    

Girls U-12A;  Freedman, Mike   

Girls U-12B;  Fulton, Rich            

Girls U-14;  Frechette, David      

Girls U-14;  Schulze, Katherine  

Mite A;  Hicks, Cam                       

Mite B;  O'Neil, Brian                   

PeeWee A;  Martin, Kevin           

PeeWee A1;  Keaveney, Kevin    

PeeWee B; Olson, Brian                

Squirt A;  Carey, James                 

Squirt A1;  Griffin, Stephen         

Squirt B;  Wingrove, Craig            

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Coaching Clinics
by posted 08/02/2014


Coaches, please make sure your coaching card and certification is valid for the 2014-15 season. For all coaches who are Level 3 and would like to get there level 4, there is a clinic next weekend in Hartford. It is the only Level 4 certification in New England this season. There will be one in NY in September if you cannot make it to Hartford. To sign up for a clinic or see if you are certified for the season please go to

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Safe Sport
by posted 07/31/2014

USA Hockey requires all coaches complete the SAFE SPORT Education Program in order to be on the bench for the 2014-15 season. The Greenwich Skating Club and USA Hockey are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for our families and guests. Please be sure to read more about the SafeSport program. 

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GSC Logo Wear / Merchandise Program
by posted 09/13/2007

We have worked with Rink and Racquet to come up with great items for everyone in the family – from t-shirts to sweatshirts and from hats to skating bags. All items can be ordered either by phone or in person at Rink and Racquet in Greenwich (203-622-9180). All items and ordering information is on the attached file and is also featured on the GSC website. The Following Link will pull up the catalog:

GSC Merchandise Program

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