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Welcome to GSC Mite Orange | Chelsea Piers Waivers
by posted 09/23/2020

Good afternoon ORANGE team,
We are excited to officially announce the first ever Greenwich Skating Club ALL GIRLS mite team!  Congratulations to our players and parents for being trail blazers.  This step is significant in regard to the development of women’s hockey and will give us a leg up as our girls team progress through the years.  In terms of goals for the season, we will focus on skill development and a lot of fun!  Myself, Jessica Wiener, along with Erik Gutnam and Daryl Jones will be the orange team coaches.  Ian Tarrant will be running all mite practices as well.
Our first team practice is tomorrow 4pm at Dorothy Hamill and our first game is THIS Saturday 7:15am at Chelsea Piers.  Until there is ice at GSC, we will have regular Sunday practices at Hommocks Ice Rink in Larchmont, NY.  
1.  In order to play in the game this weekend we need everyone to sign 2 Chelsea Piers Waivers ASAP.  The DHD needs to be signed on Saturday and every day you go to Chelsea Piers each week.  Additional CPCT policies and guidelines are at the bottom of this email (i.e. facemasks required for coaches and players upon entering the building).
2.  For practices only, you will be getting an invite automatically through the GSC website.  It is imperative that parents respond to the attendance notification from the system.  Due to the Covid restrictions of 25 persons on the ice (players and coaches), we will be staffing each session with coaches based on the response of players attending.



3.  Each week you will be receiving a team email with the schedule.  Please reply to the email as soon as possible with an RSVP for the weekly game.  If we are low on numbers we will start to pull players from other mite teams asap to fill the slots for the Saturday game.  Due to system limitations, you will also need to RSVP to the practices through the automated system as noted above.  Since we don’t have dedicated goalies at the mite level, each player will take a turn playing goalie.  It is a great learning experience for the kids.  We will circle through the list aphabetically.  After each game, PLEASE PASS the goalie equipment off to the next player. This makes it easier for the goalie to get dressed, please give yourself at least 15 minutes before the game. If you child enjoys playing goalie, please email me jessica.r.wiener@gmail.com and we can have them play the position more often.  
Weekly Schedule
  • Thursday, September 24 at 4:00pm - Practice at Dorothy Hamill in Greenwich 
  • Saturday, September 26 at 7:15am  - Game at Chelsea Piers in Stamford
    • **Campbell Wiener is goaltending on Saturday, Frances Evan will be goalie for the next game
  • Sunday, September 27 at 7:30am - Practice at Hommocks Ice Rink, address is 140 Hommocks Road, Larchmonth, NY
The reason I list "both goalies" in the email is so we can pass off the goalie gear at the end of the game on Saturday to the goalie for the next week.  
I would like to get the girls together for a quick “pizza party" after practice next Thursday, October 1st so they can start to establish some friendships.  Strazza field is right next to Dorothy Hamill where they can eat some pizza, do quick introductions, and have a dance party before they head home.  Please let me know if we have any food allergies.  We'll ask for an RSVP in next weeks email.
Go Wings!
Some policies and guidelines in the Chelsea Piers Rinks for the immediate future will include:
  • All skaters and visitors must complete prior to arrival a CPCT Social Responsibility Waiver and Daily Health Declaration Form (links above)
  • Face Covering: You are required to wear a protective face covering at all times in Chelsea Piers when not on the ice.  Please ensure your athlete arrives to Chelsea Piers with a mask (Coaches must wear masks while on ice)
  • We ask that all employees, members and athletes stay home if they are feeling ill
  • We encourage the vulnerable populations of Chelsea Piers, to be cautious and follow recommended guidelines
  • All skaters and visitors must agree to a health screening upon arrival 
  • All skaters must be dressed in full equipment while on the ice
  • All players will be allowed to have one adult spectator accompany them into the rink 
  • We suggest you bring a water bottle from home as water fountains will be available for bottle filling only.  Per State guidelines, water bottles cannot be shared 
  • Spectators must view from mezzanine in South Rink and bleachers in North Rink, viewing from around the perimeter of the rink will not be allowed
  • We encourage all players to come dressed to the rink. Players may use locker rooms for changing only (spaces will be divided to allow for proper social distancing) we encourage players to dress in shifts to keep capacities to a proper amount
  • No bags are to be left in the lobby or common areas 
  • Skaters must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled skate
  • Skaters must exit the facility no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of their skate
  • Congregation in the lobby, common areas, or parking lot is not allowed


Our number one priority is keeping our community and employees safe, but we can’t do it alone. it requires a partnership between our employees and everyone who comes into Chelsea Piers.  We have developed our Safety-First Commitment, a set of new protocols and rules following all state guidelines and made in consultation with independent medical professionals. We understand it will take some time to get used to the new rules, but for everyone’s safety, our team will strictly enforce them.

Please familiarize yourself with our protocols here https://www.chelseapiersct.com/safety-first-commitment/


Ian Tarrant

Youth Hockey Director

Chelsea Piers CT

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